2021 Race Information

Due to the Government’s Covid-19 social distancing regulations, it is with great regret that Four Peaks Race 2021 will not be going ahead as scheduled. Although the current Covid-19 restrictions have only been extended for another week, this does not allow enough time due to the many permits and logistical requirements to be approved in time for the race.


The Four Peaks Race is an exceptional event, requiring a huge amount of support from volunteers plus assistance from various Government departments for the relevant race permits and race day logistics. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers and Government departments who have lent us a lot of support in preparation for the 2021 race.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support of the race, as a lot of training of crew and runners plus extensive boat preparations are required for this race.


However, we will endeavour to continue to talk to the authorities on possible alternative dates, where the various permits required to run the race, are available that would fit into our busy sailing calendar. These could be the possibility of some Friday/Saturday options of which we do realise, in many cases and for many reasons is not a preferred option. If a new 2021 race date becomes available, we will of course notify you all immediately.


Preparations are also underway for the 2022 edition of the Four Peaks Race is underway and we hope to see you at the next edition! Visit our website www.4peaksrace.com to get the latest information and the dates for the next edition.